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Book of the Year 2013

The events of 2012 brought to life
Single volume hardcover
Black kivar binding
285H x 220D x 35W


The Britannica Book of the Year provides a valuable  viewpoint on the people and events that shaped the year and serves as a great  reference source for the latest news on the ever-changing populations,  governments, and economies throughout the world. It is an accurate and comprehensive  reference that you will reach for again and again.

A Unique and Incisive Review of our World.            

It’s constant change, the significant events, and the  memorable moments that make history. The fascinating 2013 Britannica Book of  the Year helps you uncover it all.

What a year and what a book! The 2013 Britannica Book of the  Year provides you with a global perspective on world events and how they affect  you. Hundreds of expert contributors from around the world provide coverage of  the most important happenings.

  • Costa Concordia runs aground
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee
  • 2012 London Olympics
  • Space Shuttle Endeavour is retired
  • Superstorm Sandy slams the US eastern seaboard
  • The Digital Divide
  • The U.S. Economy and the Looming Fiscal Cliff

These are some of the historic events of 2012 and the Book  of the Year is your reliable source of information where you can find answers  to your questions and put things into perspective. Special Reports provide in depth analysis on thought provoking topics and critical issues from  around the world, in business, computers, education, health, politics, science,  sports, and many other topics.

  • Safeguarding  Treasures of the Past: Historic Preservation
  • The  Fad-Diet and Weight-Loss Obsession
  • Private  Space Flight Takes Off
  • Games of  the XXX Olympiad
  • Of Mayan  Calendars and Kings
  • The  Sinking of the Titanic: the 100th Anniversary
  • High  Speed Rail’s Bumpy Track Record

People of 2012 acknowledge those who changed the world and touched our lives. Each year the  Britannica editors profile the most fascinating and influential people across  the world—people who made history, broke records, or made a difference.

Farewell Tributes to Neil Armstrong, Ferdinand Porsche and Norman Schwarzkopf. Entertainment  greats, Ernest Borgnine, Dave Brubeck, Hal David, Phyllis Diller, Robin Gibb,  Any Griffith, Larry Hagman, Jimmy Little, Donna Summer, Eric Sykes and Andy  Williams

World Data brings  you statistics covering social, economic and financial data on more than 200  countries and dependencies throughout the world. It’s the kind of detailed  information you likely cannot find anywhere else.

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