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BBC Planet Earth Part 2

360 mins over 2 discs
PG (Predatory animal violence, Infrequent mild coarse language)
English SDH
DVD Extras:
Each episode is followed by a ten-minute 'making of' documentary
David Attenborough


Some of the most captivating moments

Part 2 of BBC Planet Earth features episode 6 to 11 of the acclaimed documentary series - exploring the alien depths of the ocean to newly discovered coral reefs; from glistening polar icecaps, to the greatest woodlands on Earth; from great plains of migrating animals into the dark depths of the forest floor, this landmark television experience provides an unprecedented view of our planet. High definition photography, revolutionary ultra high-speed cameras and detailed images from the air enabled the series to capture the most amazing footage ever seen. Celebrating the Earth as never before, Planet Earth is the definitive look at the diversity of our planet, an emotional as well as an intellectual journey...

Disc 1

Episode 6: ICE WORLDS

Following in the footsteps of the great polar explorers, Planet Earth takes high-definition and time-lapse cameras into the most remote wildernesses on the planet. See amazing footages of humpback whales feeding, the Emperor penguin colonies as well as unique footages of one single polar bear, driven by desperation and hunger, taking on a colony of walruses- a true battle of the giants...


Covering more than a quarter of the land on Earth, the vast open wildernesses of African savannah, Asian steppe, Arctic tundra and North American prairie are the great plains of the planet. These plains nurtures some of the most elusive and rare creatures on the earth, and many, for the very first time, are captured on film...

Episode 8: JUNGLES

Jungles cover roughly three per cent of our planet, yet contain a staggering 50 per cent of the world's species. Conditions are perfect for life to flourish, but surviving the jungle is far from easy. In the Ngogo forest in Uganda, Planet Earth captures a natural history first when the largest chimpanzee group in the world, 150 strong, defends its territory from neighbouring chimp groups.

Disc 2


The newly discovered coral reefs in tropical Indonesia reveal that they are one of the richest in the world. They are home to fantasy-like creatures - such as the head-butting pygmy seahorse, the flashing 'electric' clam and bands of 30-strong sea snakes which have never been filmed before as they the hunt in packs, using cunning strategy...


From the evergreen forests of the frozen North to the deciduous dry forests of the Equator, the BBC crew captures a once in 17 year event of the nymphs of the cicada bursting from the soil as adults, creating the biggest-ever insect emergence. Some of the features include footages of giant redwoods over 100 metres high, the worlds largest living organism- a giant sequoia 10 times the size of a blue whale as well as the curious baobab forests of Madagascar- the bizarre upside-down trees that store water in their swollen trunks.

Episode 11: OCEAN DEEP

Oceans cover two thirds of the planet, yet largely remain unexplored. For animals that dwell on the surface or within the deepest abyss, it's finding food and conserving energy that is paramount. Planet Earth travels the world to reveal the extraordinary lengths life takes in its bid to survive this immense and barren realm...

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