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BBC Planet Earth Part 1

287 mins over 2 discs
PG (Predatory animal violence, Infrequent mild coarse language)
English SDH
DVD Extras:
Each episode is followed by a ten-minute 'making of' documentary
David Attenborough


We live on a planet that we can never truly appreciate

No person will ever live long enough to see or experience even a fraction of its variety and complexity, beauty and magnificence. But travelling the world with the latest aerial surveillance, state-of-the art cameras and high definition film, the producers of the BBC series Planet Earth have recorded places and animal behaviour that few others have seen. Planet Earth has been five years in production with over 2000 days spent in the field, across 200 locations. Join in a journey to the greatest of habitats and the most impossible of locations. A stunning experience of unimaginable scale, Planet Earth is the ultimate portrait of our world.

Disc 1


This episode looks at our planet as a whole and considers the key factors that have shaped its natural history. Using the latest aerial technology, this episode tracks the mass migration of caribou in the Arctic waste as well as the flooding pattern of Africa. Planet Earth also captures the most intimate and complete picture of polar bear life ever filmed by introducing us to the story of 2 polar bear cubs as their mother prepares them for a perilous journey across the frozen sea...

Episode 2: MOUNTAINS

Mountains are home to some of the shyest and most secretive animals on the planet, and this programme will show how they rise to the challenge of mountain life. For the first time ever, astounding images of the snow leopard hunting on Pakistan's peaks, footage of a wild Giant Panda nursing her week-old baby in a mountain cave in China and more...

Episode 3: FRESH WATER

Just three per cent of the Planet's water is fresh water and it is our most precious resource. Where it flows or falls it controls the distribution of all terrestrial life. This episode follows the descent of rivers from their mountain sources to the sea and showcases the unique and dramatic wildlife found within its unexplored waters. Planet Earth provides a fresh perspective of the Grand Canyon, dives deep into the word's deepest lake, home to the world's only freshwater seal and giant prehistoric amphipods...

Disc 2

Episode 4: CAVES

This episode probes the mysterious, perpetual darkness and reveals the unknown underground world of caves, caverns and tunnels. Astonishing footages of little known caves in Mexico that are deep enough to engulf the Empire State Building and a cave in the USA that contains whole chambers of the most astonishing crystals, some a staggering six metres long. Mysterious creatures such as the Texas cave salamander and the Thailand cave angelfish, which possess neither eyes nor pigments are also captured here, amongst other bizarre yet wonderful creatures...

Episode 5: DESERTS

Deserts makes up a surprising 30% of the land's surface. A closer look at the seemly empty and lifeless environment reveals deserts to be one of the most varied of our planet's ecosystems. Rare footages of Saharan sandstorms nearly a mile high to desert rivers that run for a single day, to the plague of desert locust, 65 kilometres wide and 160 kilometres long, a once in 30 years event...

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