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BBC Beyond Imagination

150 mins over 2 discs
M 15+
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David Attenborough


See history come to life in the way that's uniquely BBC

Beyond Imagination is a collection of 3 high quality docudramas comprising Pyramid - Beyond Imagination, Colosseum - Rome's Arena of Death, and Pompeii, The Last Day. The BBC has skilfully weaved narration and scripted text, providing a fine balance of fact and fiction. This series combines the latest archaeological discoveries, location shooting and state-of-the-art computer effects to reveal the untold stories of great monuments in history.

Pyramid - Beyond Imagination. Where we follow the life-journey of Nakht, a rural nobody who, along with his brother, get conscripted and taken to Cairo with thousands of others to work on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Colosseum - Rome's Arena of Death introduces the slave, Verus, who is quick to see that the life of a gladiator in the arena is far more glamorous and less dangerous than an ultimately short life in the quarries.
Pompeii - The Last Day. Truly dramatic. It presents Pompeii as something of a small metropolis much like any other situated on the Bay of Naples. Discover what happens when the peace is shattered by the rumblings of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79. Terror, panic, horror, death and destruction

DVD Extras:

Pyramid: the Making of the feature, Fact file about the Pyramids (text), Photo gallery, Before and After Visual Effect comparisons, TV spots and trailers
Colosseum: Colosseum- A Composer's Story Feature, Six interviews with the crew and actor, fact files about the Colosseum (text)
Pompeii: Interview with the director and costume designer, fact files about Pompeii (text)

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